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Prismatic Skies – “That Will Be The Day” AV collaboration by Matthew DiVito aka Mr. Div and Aldo Aréchar

That will be the day

Matthew DiVito aka Mr. Div (Motion graphics artist)
Aldo Aréchar (Composer)

You can download “That Will Be The Day” for free as part of Aldo Aréchar’s new EP “I”.

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Catergories: Audio Visual, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Motion Graphics

Featured Event – Visionsonic Festival 2012 / 16th to 17th of November / Paris / France

Visionsonic 2012 flyer

Visionsonic 2012 Teaser

After a break in 2011, noisy and visual experimentations are going to resonate again during the new Visionsonic festival with live cinema among other audiovisual shows exploring relations between images and sounds. The programming ranges from a smooth movie atmosphere to an overexcited eletronic-rock including electric visual noise or images moving to the synthesizers.
The festival is to stand on the 16th and 17th of November 2012 at Mains d’Oeuvres (Saint-Ouen), a place dedicated to imagination, art and citizenship. […]

Visionsonic Festival 2012 – 16th to 17th of November in Paris, France
Mains d’Œuvres (Festical location)

Full press release…


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Featured Event – Sound:Frame festival 2012 (Vienna/Austria)


Sound:Frame 2012 trailer

In 2012, the sound:frame festival 2012 will be taking place in Vienna for the sixth time. During this year’s theme «substructions», the festival for audiovisual expressions will be dealing with the framework surrounding festival production and cultural work from April 4th to April 22nd. The festival launch will take place at the «substructions» exhibition opening on Thursday, April 12th at 7 p.m. at Vienna’s MAK – Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art. On the first weekend and also at MAK, the sound:frame departure conference will deal with three festival focal points “Festival is…”, “Positioning of audiovisual art within the context of (fine) art” and “Green Light – go!” For the first time in Vienna, BOILER ROOM VIENNA x sound:frame will take place during a free MAK NITE Special on Thursday, April 19th.

During the first festival weekend on April 13th and 14th, acts like Taylor McFerrin (Brainfeeder / NYC), Svetlana Industries Acts, Elektro Guzzi (Macro / Vienna), Ikonika (Hyperdub / London), Andreas Koller (Strukt / Vienna), ambientartlab (Vienna), kon.txt (Elektrofachadel / Vienna) and many more will be performing at brut im Künstlerhaus.

More information about this year’s sound:frame festival and a more detailed lineup for MAK, brut im Künstlerhaus, Fluc, Morisson Club and the festival headquarters at Hotel am Brillantengrund featuring free parties and FM4 DJs are available at

Sound:Frame festival (April 12-22 2012, Vienna)
Sound:Frame AV label & Ina D at Sound:Frame 2011

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Burning Film – “Surface ii” by Sam Spreckley


Sam Spreckley

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Catergories: Aesthetics, Analog, Audio Visual, Experimental

Cold Turkey – “Addictions” experimental AV project directed by Giovanni Bucci


Giovanni Bucci (Design, direction, camera, animation and edit)
Paola Rocchetti (Design, animation, style and make-up)
Marco Morano (Audio design and music production)
“Addicitons” project page

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Audio Visual, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Short Films

Eleven Minutes Of Awesomeness – Collaborative project “Resonance”


Resonance is a collaborative project inititated by SR Partners with over 30 independent visual and audio designers/studios involved. The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.

Resonance The Film

Contributers Video:
Displace Studios / Esteban Diacono / Heerko Groefsema / Jean-Paul Frenay / Jr.canest / KORB / Kultnation / Mate Steinforth / Matthias Müller / Momentary People / MRK / Murat Pak / Onur Senturk / Physalia Studio / Polynoid / Spatial Harmonics Group / SR Partners / Thiago Maia / Tom Waterhouse / Tronic Studio

Contributers Audio:
Audionerve / Combustion / CypherAudio / David Kamp / Echolab / Hecq / Michael Fakesch / Mutant Jukebox / Radium Audio – Chris Didlick / Studio Takt / World Gang

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Out Of Pieces – “Outta Sight” remixed

outta-sight .jpg

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Andrew Benson / pixlpa (Video)
Icarus (Audio)
“Outta Sight” by Eclectic Method & Chuck D
Interview on

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Technological Singularity – “The Great Western Singularity” animated short film + making of


Making of

“A contemporary reinterpretation of J. M. W. Turner’s painting ‘Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway’.

This short animation examines the concept of the Technological Singularity, the point in human progress after which predictions become increasingly difficult to formulate. Industrialization and computational innovation are re-imagined in a minimalist environment, drawing from video game and runtime aesthetics.”

Commissioned by Jotta for Intel’s Remastered series on art history masterpieces.

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Technology Versus Nature – “Occupation Movements II & III (Syscape#4)” by Eric Schockmel

Eric Schockmel (Direction and production)
Watergun (Production)
“Remastered: Eric Schockmel” interview on
J. M. W. Turner’s painting “Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway” (Wikipedia)

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