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Galactic Typography – Coldplay’s “Atlas” music video directed by Hugo & Marie


A falling star goes on a journey through a beautifully illustrated universe passing the lyrics which are flying by as kinetic typography. “Touching on the human values found in mythological symbolism, the audience is led through a marbled story of baroque violence and celestial peace.”

Hugo & Marie (Direction)
Micah Lidberg (Illustration)
Absolute Post (Production company)

@hugoandmarie ,@mrlidberg, @Absolute_Post

Full credits:

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Iterative Madness – Vial of Sound’s “A Lifetime Passed” music video by Ori Toor

A lifetime passed

Ori Toor (Direction and production)
Vial of Sound (Music)

@OriToor, @Vial_Of_Sound

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Character Design, Illustration, Music Videos, Promo

No Truth, Only Perception – “Undercurrents” animated short by Büro Achter April


“Undercurrents” is based on a series of interviews collected by Tobias Hülswitt. He asked different people to explain to him how the world works and they came up with the broadest variety of answers. “Undercurrents” by Norman Morris was on of the first contributions.

Michael Fragstein / Büro Achter April (Direction and visual story)
Bernd Zeier (Illustration and animation)
Büro Achter April (Production)
Marc Fragstein (Music and sound design)

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Experimental, Illustration, Short Films

Luscious Vectors – “Yeah Just There” by Grant Orchard


Via Motionographer.

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Sexy Angles – “Geometric Porn“ by Luciano Foglia

Grant Orchard / StudioAKA (Design, direction, production)
Nic Gill (Sound)

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Featured Event – Pictoplasma festival 2012 (Berlin/Germany) + opener directed by Mate Steinforth


The official opener of the 2012 Pictoplasma Festival Berlin (Doomsday Edition)
Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art

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Commercial “Work” for German Sparkasse by Sehsucht
“Child Lock” For Beate Uhse by Sehsucht

Pictoplasma festival (April 11-15 2012, Berlin)
Mate Steinforth (Concept and direction)
Sehsucht Berlin (Production company)
David Kamp (Sound design and music)

Full credits: (more…)

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Sexy Angles – “Geometric Porn“ by Luciano Foglia


Luciano Foglia
Geometric Porn

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Substance Dreams – Good Books’ “Metamorphosis” promo by Buck



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The Bravery’s “Slow Poison” Directed By Buck

Buck (Direction and production)
String Theory (Agency)
Antfood (Music and sound design)
Interview and behind the scenes on Motionographer

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Frosted Chocolate Mouse – “Topo Glassato Al Cioccolato” by Milkyeyes


Donato Sansone aka Milkyeyes
Enrico Ascoli (Sound)

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Catergories: Analog, Animation & Stop Motion, Experimental, Explicit, Illustration, Short Films

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