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Becoming Light – Open Souls’ “Ram Bhajan” music video by

Ram bhajan

Another one of our own. Dancing to enlightenment. On a production note, the light buzzing around the dancer towards the end actually is a previous and blurred version of the video that turned out to fit perfectly layered on top. Happy accidents, always great.

Roland Lindner / (Concept, camera, creative direction and production)
Diane Karner / (Additional camera)
Open Souls (Music and concept)
“Ram Bhajan” (Free download on Soundcloud)

@decollagetv, @roland_lindner, @DianeKarner, @opensoulsmusic

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Catergories: Experimental, Live Action, Music Videos, Performance, Promo

Moving Head – FKA twigs’ “Water Me” music video by Jesse Kanda & FKA twigs

Water me

There’s not much going on in this music video. One face, one shot. But it’s the subtle movements and changes that keep you hooked.

Jesse Kanda (Concept and video)
FKA twigs (Concept and music)
Sy Turnbull (Director of photography)

@jessekanda, @FKAtwigs, @SySiena (Sy Turnbull)

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

Everything and More – Aleph’s “Fourth way” music video by Gero Doll

Fourth way

Crazy colours and a fantastic world inhabited by hundreds of objects that fly around, are distorted, explode and get shattered into their polygonal parts.

Behind the scenes of “Fourth Way”
Gero Doll (Direction and production)
Aleph (Music)

@limbicnation (Gero Doll)

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Catergories: Analog, Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Colours, Compositing, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

Galactic Typography – Coldplay’s “Atlas” music video directed by Hugo & Marie


A falling star goes on a journey through a beautifully illustrated universe passing the lyrics which are flying by as kinetic typography. “Touching on the human values found in mythological symbolism, the audience is led through a marbled story of baroque violence and celestial peace.”

Hugo & Marie (Direction)
Micah Lidberg (Illustration)
Absolute Post (Production company)

@hugoandmarie ,@mrlidberg, @Absolute_Post

Full credits:

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Music Videos, Promo, Typography

Electronic Wiring – Professor Kliq’s “Wire and Flashing Lights” music video by Patator Prod

Wire and flash lights

Even here in the future analogue stop motion films still haven’t lost their appeal and charm. This one follows a man on his electro-funky trip, going through several transformations of his wired body.

Patator Prod (Direction and production)
Professor Kliq (Music)

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Catergories: Analog, Animation & Stop Motion, Music Videos, Promo

Form Follows Music – Marbert Rocel’s “The Temple” music video by Dirk Rauscher

The temple

The Temple is a place where hundreds of forms and shapes come to live and create a fantastic universe that moves in harmony with the soothing track.

Dirk Rauscher (Direction and production)
Marbert Rocel (Music)

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Catergories: Aesthetics, Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

The Dark Side of the Moon – Radio 2′s “Darkside” teaser directed by Darren Dubicki


Darren Dubicki (Direction)
Aardman Animations (Production company)


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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Promo

Worlds Within Worlds – Idiot Songs’ “Villages of Ether” music video by Kevin McGloughlin

Villages of ether

“Set in the subconscious, this piece interrogates what it means to recognise a difficulty in oneself. The video endeavours to depict struggles with anxiety and ultimately the elimination of self doubt.” – Kevin McGloughlin

Kevin McGloughlin (Concept, direction and production)

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

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