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Taking Shape – “Salience” experimental short directed by Paul Trillo


Beautiful and poetic short that explores the perception of the human body by taking it away. What remains are the mere shapes and movements which are only revealed through a bombardment of colourful dust and smoke.

Salience – Behind The Scenes
Salience – Stills
Paul Trillo (Direction)
Joe Gabriel (Director of photography)
Noah Cunningham (Original score)
Rich Bologna (Additional sound design)
Landon Van Soest (Producer)

@paultrillo, @GabrielFilm (Joe Gabriel)

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Fluid Faces – “Magma” experimental music video by Dvein


Dvein (Direction and production)
Making of “Magma”
“Dvein’s “Magma” Music Video Fuses Mesmerizing Facial and Topographical Landscapes” on The Creators Project


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Full credits:

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One Chair – “Inexorable” experimental short by Adme + making of


“inexorable [ɪnˈɛksərəbəl] – 1. not able to be moved by entreaty or persuasion, 2. relentless … A seemingly empty, lifeless chair comes to life in a dark and mysterious room”

Rickard Bengtsson / Adme (Concept and production)
Vince Kriss / Adme (Music and sound design)
Making of “Inexorable”

@AdmeAB, @rbvisuals (Rickard Bengtsson), @VinceKriss

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Experimental, Making Of, Short Films

Made of Stone – Björk’s “Mutual Core” music video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang + making of

Mutual core

Behind the scenes

Geology Porn: The Science and Art of Bjork’s “Mutual Core” Music Video on
Andrew Thomas Huang (Direction)
August Jakobsson (Director of photography, Reykjavik unit)
Gus Olafsson (Production designer, Reykjavik unit)
Laura Merians (Director of photography, Los Angeles unit)
Hugh Zeigler (Production designer, Los Angeles unit)

Via MOCAtv

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Full credits:

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Symmetric World – Yuksek’s “Off the wall” directed by Romain Segaud + making of


Romain Segaud
SoLab (Production)
Making of

Full credits: (more…)

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Kaleidostastic – TEDxSUMMIT “The Power of X” by We Are Pi + Making of


“This film and photographic experiment set out to prove The Power of X by attempting an Ideas Worth Doing for TEDxSUMMIT.
The project fused architecture, dance, math and magic into a bespoke18-meter high triangular mirrored structure to create the world’s first Human Arabesque without computer graphics.”

Be sure to check out the making of below!

How To Make A Human Arabesque.

We Are Pi

Full credits: (more…)

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Fluffy World – MTV “Group Hug” directed by Mate Steinforth


Via See No Evil

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Making of MTV “Group hug”
Mate Steinforth (Design and direction)
Sehsucht (Production company)

Full credits: (more…)

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Figures in the Sand – “Unnamed Soundsculpture” by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer


Daniel Franke
Cedric Kiefer / onformative (Production)
We Are Chopchop (Production)
Song “Kreukeltape” by Machinefabriek

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