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Everything and More – Aleph’s “Fourth way” music video by Gero Doll

Fourth way

Crazy colours and a fantastic world inhabited by hundreds of objects that fly around, are distorted, explode and get shattered into their polygonal parts.

Behind the scenes of “Fourth Way”
Gero Doll (Direction and production)
Aleph (Music)

@limbicnation (Gero Doll)

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Electronic Wiring – Professor Kliq’s “Wire and Flashing Lights” music video by Patator Prod

Wire and flash lights

Even here in the future analogue stop motion films still haven’t lost their appeal and charm. This one follows a man on his electro-funky trip, going through several transformations of his wired body.

Patator Prod (Direction and production)
Professor Kliq (Music)

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Taking Shape – “Salience” experimental short directed by Paul Trillo


Beautiful and poetic short that explores the perception of the human body by taking it away. What remains are the mere shapes and movements which are only revealed through a bombardment of colourful dust and smoke.

Salience – Behind The Scenes
Salience – Stills
Paul Trillo (Direction)
Joe Gabriel (Director of photography)
Noah Cunningham (Original score)
Rich Bologna (Additional sound design)
Landon Van Soest (Producer)

@paultrillo, @GabrielFilm (Joe Gabriel)

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Themes of Journeys, Space and the Unknown – Robert Clouth’s “Bubble Chamber” music video directed by Alexandra Lunn

Bubble chamber

Alexandra Lunn (Direction and animation)
Rob Blake (Video)
Rob Clouth – Cloud Complex (Traum V157)

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Fluid Faces – “Magma” experimental music video by Dvein


Dvein (Direction and production)
Making of “Magma”
“Dvein’s “Magma” Music Video Fuses Mesmerizing Facial and Topographical Landscapes” on The Creators Project


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Full credits:

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Burnt Footage – B.B. DOE’s “Lace and Lithium” music video by B.B. DOE and

Lace and lithium

B.B. DOE aka Sebastian Rochford (Polar Bear) and Akayzia Parker (Music, idea and camera [iPad])
Roland Lindner / (Post-production)

@polarbearseb, @akayzia, @decollagetv

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Apple Core – Het Klokhuis title sequence by PES

Het klokhuis

Main title sequence for Het Klokhuis (Dutch for “Apple Core”), an educational TV show for early teenagers in the Netherlands running since 1988.

PES (Direction)


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Full credits:

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Dancing Star – Rone’s “Bye Bye Macadam” music video by Dimitri Stankowicz


Dimitri Stankowicz (Direction, animation)
“Rone’s Newest Music Video “Bye Bye Macadam” Is A Shamanic Ritual To The Stars” interview and insights on The Creators Project
“Bye Bye Macadam” by Rone

@paperhelmet (Dimitri Stankowicz), @CreatorsProject, @Roneofficial

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