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Everything and More – Aleph’s “Fourth way” music video by Gero Doll

Fourth way

Crazy colours and a fantastic world inhabited by hundreds of objects that fly around, are distorted, explode and get shattered into their polygonal parts.

Behind the scenes of “Fourth Way”
Gero Doll (Direction and production)
Aleph (Music)

@limbicnation (Gero Doll)

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Catergories: Analog, Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Colours, Compositing, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

Layered Look – “Le Troisième Œil” fashion promo by Valquire Veljkovic

Le troisieme oeil

Valquire Veljkovic (Direction and production)
Hnr Gbrl/Aniaetleprogrammeur (Sound)
“Le Troisième Œil” AW13-14 fashion design by Tata Christiane

@valquireveljkov, @Tata_Christiane, @aniaetleprogram

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Catergories: Compositing, Fashion, Promo

Iterative Chaos – Bloc Party’s “Ratchet” music video by Cyriak Harris


Cyriak Harris (Direction and production)


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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Compositing, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo