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See-trough Society – “Transparent Machines™” short film by Beeple

Transparent machines

A plethora of machines made of glass float, spin around and reassemble to support a very true observation on our society.

RMX™ (Original version)

Beeple (Direction and video)
standingwave (Sound design)
hecq (Music)

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Short Films

Nine Dead Kings – “Leviathan Ages.” short film (trailers) directed by Jon Yeo

Leviathan ages

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Fantastic creatures made of flesh and steel await you in this upcoming short film. “Bound in ancient celestial ballet, long dead Kings arise to claim a fallen Emperor” — Leviathan Ages.

Leviathan Ages. stills
Jon Yeo (Concept, direction and production)
Martin Gunnarsson (Character animation)
Diogo Dias (Character animation)
Radium Audio (Original score)

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Catergories: Aesthetics, CGI & 3D, Character Design, Experimental, Short Films

Taking Shape – “Salience” experimental short directed by Paul Trillo


Beautiful and poetic short that explores the perception of the human body by taking it away. What remains are the mere shapes and movements which are only revealed through a bombardment of colourful dust and smoke.

Salience – Behind The Scenes
Salience – Stills
Paul Trillo (Direction)
Joe Gabriel (Director of photography)
Noah Cunningham (Original score)
Rich Bologna (Additional sound design)
Landon Van Soest (Producer)

@paultrillo, @GabrielFilm (Joe Gabriel)

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Catergories: Analog, Experimental, Live Action, Making Of, Short Films

Visual Voices – “こうこう – Kou kou” by Takashi Ohashi


Kou kou is a visual work based on an abstract animation synchronized with a song comprising the unique syllabic sounds of the Japanese language, without actually using any full words.”

Takashi Ohashi (Direction and animation)
Kou kou GIF animations


Full credits:

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Experimental, Short Films, Visual Art

From Dot – “Genesis” by TOOCO and MALEVO


Video made for Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin 2013 (10th to 14th April).

Francisco Miranda / TOOCO (Direction, art concept and illustration)
Guillermo Daldovo / MALEVO (Direction, animation, compositing, editing and sound design)
Pictoplasma Festival
Music “Moon” by Adapt

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Events & Festivals, Experimental, Short Films

Give Peace a Chance – “Peace Starts With Me” by Noriko Okaku


“Peace is always in your life, if you look for it. In my film, the word peace is concealed within an abstract landscape – at times clearly discernable; at others hidden. The film is meant to seem chaotic. Like the principles of Ying and Yang, positive and negative, peace exists within chaos and vice versa.”

Noriko Okaku (Direction, animation and sound design)
Rich Keyworth (Additional sound design and mix)

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Experimental, Short Films

Digital Forest – Kenzo “Electric Jungle” fashion film directed by Smith & Read and Mat Maitland

Electric jungle

Mat Maitland Images (Direction and art direction)
Natalia Stuyk (Animation)
Alastair Coe at Big Active (Production)

@MatMaitland, @BigActive,

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Catergories: Aesthetics, Experimental, Fashion, Short Films

One Chair – “Inexorable” experimental short by Adme + making of


“inexorable [ɪnˈɛksərəbəl] – 1. not able to be moved by entreaty or persuasion, 2. relentless … A seemingly empty, lifeless chair comes to life in a dark and mysterious room”

Rickard Bengtsson / Adme (Concept and production)
Vince Kriss / Adme (Music and sound design)
Making of “Inexorable”

@AdmeAB, @rbvisuals (Rickard Bengtsson), @VinceKriss

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Experimental, Making Of, Short Films

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