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Becoming Light – Open Souls’ “Ram Bhajan” music video by

Ram bhajan

Another one of our own. Dancing to enlightenment. On a production note, the light buzzing around the dancer towards the end actually is a previous and blurred version of the video that turned out to fit perfectly layered on top. Happy accidents, always great.

Roland Lindner / (Concept, camera, creative direction and production)
Diane Karner / (Additional camera)
Open Souls (Music and concept)
“Ram Bhajan” (Free download on Soundcloud)

@decollagetv, @roland_lindner, @DianeKarner, @opensoulsmusic

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Catergories: Experimental, Live Action, Music Videos, Performance, Promo

Moving Head – FKA twigs’ “Water Me” music video by Jesse Kanda & FKA twigs

Water me

There’s not much going on in this music video. One face, one shot. But it’s the subtle movements and changes that keep you hooked.

Jesse Kanda (Concept and video)
FKA twigs (Concept and music)
Sy Turnbull (Director of photography)

@jessekanda, @FKAtwigs, @SySiena (Sy Turnbull)

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

Robotics Meet Projection Mapping – “Box” by Bot & Dolly and Gmunk


A breathtaking and poetic experiment that utilises several very different technologies including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering. The result is a wonderful piece that shows a glimpse of a possible future of theatrical performances. “Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.”

Bot & Dolly (Development, direction and production)
Bradley G Munkowitz aka Gmunk (Design director)
Project details on (Be sure to have a look!)
“Bot & Dolly: ‘Box’ Interview and Behind the Scenes” @ Motionographer

@botndolly, @gmunk

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Via The Creators Project

Full credits:

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Experimental, Performance, Projection Mapping

Everything and More – Aleph’s “Fourth way” music video by Gero Doll

Fourth way

Crazy colours and a fantastic world inhabited by hundreds of objects that fly around, are distorted, explode and get shattered into their polygonal parts.

Behind the scenes of “Fourth Way”
Gero Doll (Direction and production)
Aleph (Music)

@limbicnation (Gero Doll)

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Catergories: Analog, Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Colours, Compositing, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

Nine Dead Kings – “Leviathan Ages.” short film (trailers) directed by Jon Yeo

Leviathan ages

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Fantastic creatures made of flesh and steel await you in this upcoming short film. “Bound in ancient celestial ballet, long dead Kings arise to claim a fallen Emperor” — Leviathan Ages.

Leviathan Ages. stills
Jon Yeo (Concept, direction and production)
Martin Gunnarsson (Character animation)
Diogo Dias (Character animation)
Radium Audio (Original score)

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Catergories: Aesthetics, CGI & 3D, Character Design, Experimental, Short Films

Form Follows Music – Marbert Rocel’s “The Temple” music video by Dirk Rauscher

The temple

The Temple is a place where hundreds of forms and shapes come to live and create a fantastic universe that moves in harmony with the soothing track.

Dirk Rauscher (Direction and production)
Marbert Rocel (Music)

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Catergories: Aesthetics, Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Music Videos, Promo

Taking Shape – “Salience” experimental short directed by Paul Trillo


Beautiful and poetic short that explores the perception of the human body by taking it away. What remains are the mere shapes and movements which are only revealed through a bombardment of colourful dust and smoke.

Salience – Behind The Scenes
Salience – Stills
Paul Trillo (Direction)
Joe Gabriel (Director of photography)
Noah Cunningham (Original score)
Rich Bologna (Additional sound design)
Landon Van Soest (Producer)

@paultrillo, @GabrielFilm (Joe Gabriel)

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Catergories: Analog, Experimental, Live Action, Making Of, Short Films

The Dark Side of the Moon – Radio 2′s “Darkside” teaser directed by Darren Dubicki


Darren Dubicki (Direction)
Aardman Animations (Production company)


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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Promo

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