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Galactic Typography – Coldplay’s “Atlas” music video directed by Hugo & Marie


A falling star goes on a journey through a beautifully illustrated universe passing the lyrics which are flying by as kinetic typography. “Touching on the human values found in mythological symbolism, the audience is led through a marbled story of baroque violence and celestial peace.”

Hugo & Marie (Direction)
Micah Lidberg (Illustration)
Absolute Post (Production company)

@hugoandmarie ,@mrlidberg, @Absolute_Post

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Dark Scenarios – Tom Clancy’s “The Division” E3 breakdown game trailer by Antibody


Antibody (Creative direction and production)
Project stills

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Computer Games, Promo, Teasers & Trailers, Typography

Joining the Dots – Apple’s “Designed By Apple – Intention” by Buck

Apple intention

Buck (Direction and production)


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Catergories: Aesthetics, Motion Graphics, Promo, Typography

Raster Graphics – “Oblivion” GFX process montage by GMUNK

Gmunk oblivion

Bradley G Munkowitz / GMUNK (Design director, lead designer)
Project information


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Catergories: Aesthetics, Feature Films, Graphic Design, Infographics, Motion Graphics, Typography

Angry Bird – “The Raven” title sequence by Prologue Films

The raven

Heebok Lee (Creative director and designer)
Onur Senturk (Designer)
Kangmin Kim (Stop motion)
Jiyun Ha (Typographer)
Daniel Klohn (Animator)
Jeiko Soh (Animator)
Prologue Films (Production company)

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Full credits:


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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, CGI & 3D, Experimental, Titels, Typography

A to the Z – “Alphabetic” by Ariel Costa


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Ariel Costa / BlinkmyBrain
Marcelo Baldin / Combustion (Sound design)

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Catergories: Animation & Stop Motion, Experimental, Motion Graphics, Short Films, Typography

All the Monsters – “ABC Monsters” directed by Gaël Roda


Gaël Roda (Direction)
La Pompadour (Production)

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Catergories: Aesthetics, Animation & Stop Motion, Feature Films, Titels, Typography

Constellations of Light – “The Sirens of Titan” title sequence by FishFishGarden and Tal Moskovich


FishFishGarden aka Dani Wolf
Tal Moskovich
Tomáš Dvořák (Music)

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Catergories: CGI & 3D, Titels, Typography

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