Illustrated Emotion – Koralie & Supakitch “Romance In Plastic Minor” short film


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Koralie (Character design)
Supakitch (Character design)
Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha (Direction, scenario, art direction, editing and storyboard)

Full credits:
Director: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Character design: Koralie & Supakitch
DOP: “Meka” T. Desiront
Scenario: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Art Direction: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha / “Meka” T. Desiront
Editing: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Storyboard: Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Animation: Adrien jaillet, Grégoire Peyrot
Compositing: Frédéric Henry, Thomas Lefebvre
Music: D.L.I.D: Phoenix “1901″ remix
Graphic design: “Meka” T. Desiront
Producer: Xavier Fauthoux (Shoot The Boss)

Actors: Elodie Partenay, Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha
Making off: “Meka” T. Desiront, Alexandre “Osmoze” Brakha

Posted on February the 28th, 2011 at 08:30 pm

Tags: Animation & Stop Motion,Character Design,Illustration,Short Films