Angry Bird – “The Raven” title sequence by Prologue Films

The raven

Heebok Lee (Creative director and designer)
Onur Senturk (Designer)
Kangmin Kim (Stop motion)
Jiyun Ha (Typographer)
Daniel Klohn (Animator)
Jeiko Soh (Animator)
Prologue Films (Production company)

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Full credits:

Creative Director / Heebok Lee
Executive Producer / Kyle Cooper
Producer / Unjoo Byars
Stop Motion / Kangmin Kim
Typographer / Jiyun Ha
Designers / Heebok Lee, Onur Senturk
Animators / Daniel Klohn, Jeiko Soh
Music / ‘Burn My Shadow’ by Unkle
Produced at Prologue Films

Posted on November the 1st, 2012 at 10:57 am

Tags: Animation & Stop Motion,CGI & 3D,Experimental,Titels,Typography