Galactic Typography – Coldplay’s “Atlas” music video directed by Hugo & Marie


A falling star goes on a journey through a beautifully illustrated universe passing the lyrics which are flying by as kinetic typography. “Touching on the human values found in mythological symbolism, the audience is led through a marbled story of baroque violence and celestial peace.”

Hugo & Marie (Direction)
Micah Lidberg (Illustration)
Absolute Post (Production company)

@hugoandmarie ,@mrlidberg, @Absolute_Post

Full credits:
Executive producers: Phil Harvey & Dave Holmes
Director: Mario Hugo
Agency: Hugo & Marie
Executive Producer: Jennifer Gonzalez
Producer: Masha Spaic
Illustration: Micah Lidberg
Storyboard Artist: Mario Hugo
Assistant Designers: Sam Hodges, Ania Nowak
Animation Creative Directors: Ric Comline, Jonny Bursnell
Animation Executive Producer: Melanie Wickham
Animation Producer: Nick Haynes
Animators: Ric Comline, Jonny Bursnell, Tim Andrews, Jim Hsu, Tom Cardo Moreno
Animation Assistants: Dan Baiton, Kieran Hanrahan

Posted on September the 11th, 2013 at 01:47 pm

Tags: Animation & Stop Motion,Illustration,Motion Graphics,Music Videos,Promo,Typography