Video Mapping In Music Videos

I just stumbled upon Miike Snow’s latest music video directed by Anthony Dickenson of Pulse Films.

It is a great example of the use of video mapping in a music video and so I decided to find more examples for that trend.

The next one is directed by Dirk Rauscher and produced by Dirk Rauscher and Kjell Rijntjes (both are the German VJ team Bruno Tait). It’s for the track Sansula by German DJ and producer Dominik Eulberg, with whom we already had the pleasure to perform side by side at the Mapping festival in Geneva (CH).

The last one is not exactly a music video, but it fits well anyway. Already kind of a classic, but still beautiful to watch.

It’s Scintillation by the French Xavier Chassaing to the music of Fedaden and it’s made of 35,000 single photographs and a combination of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques.

I am sure, that there are more examples (even older ones) out there, so let us know, when there is something to add!

Anthony Dickenson at Pulse Films
Miike Snow (Myspace)
Bruno Tait
Dominik Eulberg
Xavier Chassaing (Vimeo)

Posted on August the 24th, 2009 at 04:58 pm

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