Form Follows Music – Marbert Rocel’s “The Temple” music video by Dirk Rauscher

The temple

The Temple is a place where hundreds of forms and shapes come to live and create a fantastic universe that moves in harmony with the soothing track.

Dirk Rauscher (Direction and production)
Marbert Rocel (Music)

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Taking Shape – “Salience” experimental short directed by Paul Trillo


Beautiful and poetic short that explores the perception of the human body by taking it away. What remains are the mere shapes and movements which are only revealed through a bombardment of colourful dust and smoke.

Salience – Behind The Scenes
Salience – Stills
Paul Trillo (Direction)
Joe Gabriel (Director of photography)
Noah Cunningham (Original score)
Rich Bologna (Additional sound design)
Landon Van Soest (Producer)

@paultrillo, @GabrielFilm (Joe Gabriel)

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The Dark Side of the Moon – Radio 2′s “Darkside” teaser directed by Darren Dubicki


Darren Dubicki (Direction)
Aardman Animations (Production company)


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Worlds Within Worlds – Idiot Songs’ “Villages of Ether” music video by Kevin McGloughlin

Villages of ether

“Set in the subconscious, this piece interrogates what it means to recognise a difficulty in oneself. The video endeavours to depict struggles with anxiety and ultimately the elimination of self doubt.” – Kevin McGloughlin

Kevin McGloughlin (Concept, direction and production)

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Layered Look – “Le Troisième Œil” fashion promo by Valquire Veljkovic

Le troisieme oeil

Valquire Veljkovic (Direction and production)
Hnr Gbrl/Aniaetleprogrammeur (Sound)
“Le Troisième Œil” AW13-14 fashion design by Tata Christiane

@valquireveljkov, @Tata_Christiane, @aniaetleprogram

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Themes of Journeys, Space and the Unknown – Robert Clouth’s “Bubble Chamber” music video directed by Alexandra Lunn

Bubble chamber

Alexandra Lunn (Direction and animation)
Rob Blake (Video)
Rob Clouth – Cloud Complex (Traum V157)

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Iterative Chaos – Bloc Party’s “Ratchet” music video by Cyriak Harris


Cyriak Harris (Direction and production)


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Rainbow Shader – “Adventure Time Psych Intro” by David OReilly

Adventure time

David OReilly


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